Residential Renovations & Additions

Wayne, PA

Built between 1885 and 1889, this “Gabled Inn” was one of the original model homes designed by Architect J.C. Worthington and built by area developers / builders Wendell and Smith in the North Wayne Historical District.  A Shingle Styled home, this project included restorative measures to the interior and exterior along with some detail additions borrowed from some of the area larger versions of this home. The main front facing gable rake was pushed forward with mahogany purlin tails exposed. The existing front porch roof, columns and railings were rebuilt with enhanced detailing; copper standing seam roof, custom railing, porch columns and mahogany deck flooring raised the original level of finish. A side porch and additions to the rear completed the project. Original siding and shingle work was replicated with cementitious materials and adjusted / upgraded to suit conditions.

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